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“Children’s book illustrations may be simple

but still show the depth of character and heart that makes them real."-Lee Grass

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“Children’s book illustrations should be heartfelt, inviting, and  open doorways  into other worlds never before dreamed of." -Lee Grass

Lee Grass, Children's Book Illustrator and Author

Lee Grass is an artist and children's author and loves to connect readers to the essence of nature through her adventure stories and illustrations. Lee has meditated in the foothills of the Himalayas with enlightened Masters, sailed, swam with dolphins, hiked in the Wasatch Mountains and the Mogollon Rim, survived a hurricane, raised Arabian horses and German Shepherds, lived in a log cabin in the forest and cared for thirteen adopted rabbits that served as inspiration for "Journey of Egg and Rabbit" and "A Rabbit's Journey to the Forever and Back."




ISBN  978-0-9767413-7-4

ISBN  978-0-9767413-8-1

Journey of Egg and Rabbit

Journey of Egg and Rabbit, Reunion

A Rabbit's Journey to the Forever and Back



This is a gentle, kind book about friendship and unconditional love. A RABBIT'S JOURNEY TO THE  FOREVER  teaches us many life lessons when several species of animals who otherwise would be mortal enemies work together in harmony to achieve a common goal. The vocabulary and theme might sail over the heads of the young casual reader but there's nothing inappropriate for them. The rabbit experiences going into the Forever (a subtle dimension of love and light) which might be viewed as a "forever kind of death" by those unfamiliar with the ideas of other dimensions existing along with our own. However, the exquisite storytelling soon pulls the reader into a thoughtful consideration of the concept of the immortality of the Soul, and the Soul's ability to return to the physical world in order to inhabit another form. There's no salesmanship or preaching about a personal belief system here, just a beautiful and honestly told story that falls into the same category as some of our most beloved children's middle-grade classics. 

A 20 thousand word mid-grade fiction/fantasy adventure story for 8-15-year-olds (and older). Rated PG!


A pure-hearted Rabbit lived in an ocean of flowers beloved by his daughter Buttercup the little saw-whet owl—that he raised from an egg—her two daughters, Spirit and Joy, and his best friend, Danzan the raven. As time passed Rabbit grew old, and he knew his time had come.


One evening the pure-hearted rabbit declared to himself, “I’m so grateful for everything in my life.” Then he closed his eyes as his spirit floated above his body, and entered The Forever—an otherworldly dimension of love and light.


Nourished by the love, Rabbit’s Spirit was peaceful until overwhelming memories of his life in the Faraway swirled in his mind and tugged at his heart, leaving him with an insatiable desire to go home. The rabbit had no other choice but to follow his heart’s desire. 


Rabbit soon encounters a bright, radiant form of a snowy owl who still had an earthly life in the Land of The Midnight, but could come and go from The Forever at will. After hearing about Rabbit’s predicament, the owl reluctantly agreed to help but not before explaining that destiny must first give the rabbit another life.


When the resolute rabbit returns to the earth realm, fate reunites him with the owl from The Midnight. Together they begin the long—sometimes humorous, and sometimes scary—journey to The Faraway. 


A wolf with two pups and a decrepit old dragon soon join in the quest, and eventually, the weary travelers arrive in The Faraway shaken but unscathed. Rabbit is overwhelmed with joy, but for him, the celebration is short-lived as his heart once again fills with love from The Forever. Now Rabbit must choose between his earthly home and the dimension of love and light.

A Rabbit's Journey to the forever and back

Copyright 2019 Lee Grass, All rights reserved


Some Memorable Characters From the Faraway Land from Reunion



1. Rabbit is the protagonist in Reunion. He is strong-willed and brave-hearted; he’s a fuzzy superhero of sorts. His honesty and vulnerability make him so darn huggable! If you were to meet him in the Wildflower Meadow, you probably wouldn’t hesitate to ask for an autograph—not bad for a talking rabbit!


2. Danzan is a raven that’s a comedian-turned ‘knight in black feathers,' and ‘protector of the land’ kind of bird. He’s no slouch when it comes to showing off his spectacular aerial feats. He loves to impress Buttercup with her own personal air shows, and she loves it. Who wouldn’t like to ride on the back of those glossy black feathers?


3. Buttercup’s a tiny owl that became Rabbit’s ward through circumstances beyond his control. She’s so cute she almost doesn’t have to do anything in the story except be there! She loves Rabbit unconditionally, and that’s all that matters.


4. Dazzle, Danzan’s mate only plays a minor role. She’s a fierce, protective mother and worry-wort that would do anything for her kids. Where would Danzan be without Dazzle, the love of his life? I can envision the two enjoying a sundowner in that old cottonwood tree. Now every time I see one of those trees I look up hoping to see Dazzle and Danzan there. You never know.


5. The Hornet Queen. She’s the villain of the story. She’s a nasty, evil queen and the leader of a swarm of equally nasty stinging assassins.


6. Bane’s a clumsy, old black bear who can’t climb trees very well, thank goodness! While he never intended it to be so, he’s known as “the hero from the shadows.”



© 2017 by Lee Grass all rights reserved